About ORNC

Operation Reentry North Carolina is a military support program unlike any other. We bring together researchers and projects that focus on the concerns and needs of returning service men and women. These projects allow us to examine all aspects of military life, so that together we can introduce new programs and services that enable them to have the best health and quality of life before, during and after their deployment.

Operation Reentry addresses resilience and reintegration needs of veterans, with the aim of resolving problems they may have upon reentry. Our findings will enable Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs to better care for our returning veterans and their families.

Because we are a national research support organization, Operation Reentry can mobilize and organize civilian university expertise to examine pressing military needs. We also shepherd academic and private-sector resources and expertise. While most university-military research collaborations function on a project level, Operation Reentry operates on an inter-institutional level similar to a National Institutes of Health P-30.  

The program operates through a cooperative agreement between East Carolina University and the Telemedicine & Advanced Research Center of the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command. It focuses on three high-priority areas.

  • Projects. Our goal is to review, fund and monitor research investigations of military significance.
  • Dissemination. We want to promote idea sharing and generate new research. We have established and maintain faculty appointments at ECU for regional military health providers in addition to organizing seminars and a yearly national conference.
  • Leadership. Our work can create new directions for military quality of life research. Our program builds partnerships and networks among our partner agencies to foster ongoing collaborative research. Our leadership team includes a military research liaison and project manager.
Organizing Reintergration plus Fueling Collaboration