Our Priorities

Knowing What's Important

East Carolina University (ECU) is an anchor institution and economic engine for a region where innovation, entrepreneurship and workforce development are critical to success in the global economy. To these ends, ECU's Office of Innovation and Economic Development (OIED) delivers and supports regional transformation by fostering community enhancement & regional development, a regional innovation workforce, cluster-based economic development, and the proliferation of innovation, entrepreneurship and small business. These strategies and their measurable impacts are illustrated below.

At the heart of these efforts, the East Carolina Research and Innovation Campus (ECRIC) is the place where ECU and its partners collocate, co-invent and co-produce. The resulting public-private partnerships produce innovations in education, science, technology and the arts that address local challenges while equipping the region with a magnet to attract talent and investment.  East Carolina University is one of the best-positioned institution to catalyze a culture of innovation and service that grows, attracts, and retains the next great creative class within the eastern region of North Carolina.