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Center for Survey Research

The Center for Survey Research (CSR) provides fee-for-service survey research to various agencies in eastern North Carolina and beyond, ensuring access to widely used methods of assessing public opinion. CSR continually strives to earn the reputation, both on the ECU campus and off, as the premier provider of quality survey consulting services.

The CSR specializes in all aspects of survey research and conducts all phases of surveys to a variety of local, state, regional, national, targeted, or elite populations, all tailored to the clients’ needs. Services include: developing surveys, structuring questions and suggesting appropriate methodologies and sampling strategies. Other types of services include: practical and academic research, preparation of proposals, grant application assistance, public opinion polls, targeted market polls, data analyses, needs assessments, focus groups, program evaluations and participatory appraisal techniques. Spanish language interviews are conducted when appropriate. The Center has the facilities and expertise to conduct a variety of customized research surveys and interviews while facilitating educational and professional development opportunities for faculty and graduate students.

To increase research, scholarship, and funding opportunities available to undergraduate and graduate students, CSR provides paid internship opportunities where students merge their interests and skills with the region’s research needs. Moreover, through assistantships, graduate students are able to hone their research methods and project management skills.

Building upon its longstanding commitment to facilitate and inform productive public discussion on regional issues, CSR is well-positioned to scan the region for needs and issues of regional importance.



Mandee Foushee Lancaster
Phone: 252.737.1349
Email: foushees@ecu.edu
Justin M. Raines
Assistant Director
Phone: 252.737.1376
Email: csr@ecu.edu