Units & Initiatives

Sustainable Tourism Outreach

In partnership with the Office of Innovation and Economic Development, the Center for Sustainable Tourism and the North Carolina Division of Tourism, Film and Sports Development, a statewide outreach coordinator position was created to help support and promote sustainability in the tourism industry across North Carolina and enhance economic development as related to the travel and tourism
industry. The coordinator works with all partners to facilitate sustainable tourism education, research and outreach.

In the fiscal year 2011-12, 13 outreach projects impacted 17 communities, ranging from the state’s largest municipalities to the most rural counties and from the mountains to the sea through partnerships with six state agencies and divisions.

Through these outreach efforts, over 600 individuals have participated in educational or training presentations and over 27 outreach
resources have been developed. These including podcasts, webinars, and information outlets that provide tourism decision makers with monthly briefings on trends, actions, and information pieces within the tourism industry to move towards sustainability.

As agriculture and manufacturing continue to change in North Carolina, many communities are now turning to tourism as a source of economic development, particularly in rural areas. The coordinator works to find practical and applicable solutions to the problems faced by the industry as a whole by working with existing programs and serving as the link between organizations and businesses.


Alex Naar

Sustainable Tourism Outreach Coordinator